GTM 36: The Power of Slicing Dicing Data that Landed a Twitter Acquisition


Julia Gilinets


May 2, 2023




GTM 36: The Power of Slicing Dicing Data that Landed a Twitter Acquisition

Julia Gilinets is currently the Head of Sales at Pocus, also a go-to-market executive who has helped scale businesses from 0-100M across a multitude of different industry verticals. Julia has intentionally built the product led sales foundation before it was cool; Doing PLG before PLG was a thing. She brings data democracy to go-to-market teams everywhere and always out there advising, speaking, and teaching.

What you will learn

  • The importance of forming deeper relationships within your company
  • Understanding trends for the greater good of your product
  • The positive outcome derived from the pursuit of data
  • Resorting to discovery in order to better understand people’s behaviour
  • Why outbound and the SDR role is outdated


(1:40) How Julia started doing PLG before PLG became widely known

(9:05) How to make sense of your product’s data

(12:06) Julia’s experience working AdTech: going from 0-35Million and later acquired by Twitter

(18:53) How to carve out equity for yourself after an exit

(26:48) How to overcome mismanagement by your CEO

(31:51) Hot take: Outbound in the SDR role is broken

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