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Having GTMfund as an investor gives me access to some of the most brilliant revenue minds of Silicon Valley and beyond. It's clear that they have seen what works and what doesn't, and to get that real time feedback as you scale has been so important. They've already supported us in so many different areas of GTM. It's been a great experience.

Melanie smiling with arms crossed
Melanie Fellay
Founder & CEO, Spekit

The fund is real, I mean real people who have been out there. They know their stuff.  They ask the right questions, think about things the right way and just want to partner in a very honest way.

Jonathan posing
Jonathan Friedman
Founder & CEO, Demostack

When I met with their partner, he asked me, “what go-to-market problem do you have right now?” I said we’re trying to hire sales reps. He said, “great, I'll send you three referrals.” So he immediately sent me three incredible candidates that were on the market, that were amazing.

Jaleh Rezaei
Co-Founder & CEO, Mutiny

GTMfund made an immediate impact on my business. They've helped me sell, recruit and build our brand. And they did it proactively. There's not more you can ask for in an investor. If you have the opportunity to work with GTMfund, jump on it.

Brian smiling
Brian Murray
Partner, Craft & Co-Founder, Cabal

Not only is the deal-flow off the charts, but you’re executing on deploying capital. Thank you both for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this fund.

Andrew smiling
Andrew Riesenfeld (LP)
SVP, Business Development, ZoomInfo

Being an LP in the fund has been a special experience. I don’t have to be one thing (as an LP), I get to utilize all of my different GTM experiences.

Ashley smiling
Ashley Grech (LP)
COO, Recharge (Ex-CRO, Square)

GTMfund has been my best investment this year - and most fun. The Slack group is worth the full investment ;). Excited to see where you take us.

Andy smiling
Andy Mowat (LP)
Founder & CEO, Gated

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