GTM 35: How to Unlock 20% Performance Improvement in Your Career


Kevin Bailey


Apr 25, 2023




GTM 35: How to Unlock 20% Performance Improvement in Your Career

Kevin Bailey is the Co-founder and CEO of Dreamfuel, a mental performance coaching platform for winning teams. Kevin Bailey is 3 time tech Founder who has done mindset coaching for over a thousand Sales professionals and currently completing his masters in applied neuroscience. 

What you will learn

  • Habit formation coaching 
  • Best recovery tools to equip yourself for success
  • Guided visualization as a form of healing
  • How to guarentee success in your career through a flow state


(2:32) Kevin’s philosophy and thinking of being a mental performance coach

(6:18) Kevin’s connection with mental performance and deep rooted story

(13:01) Tools that Kevin used to turn his life around (including Whim Hoff breathing)

(17:03) Coaching people on habit formation

(25:45) A walk through of some of the best exercises to do when feeling mentally trapped

(27:38) Guided visualization as a mental performance exercise

(39:55) What good recovery looks like

(43:30) Hot take on grind culture


“If you can learn to stay in flow state you will win the marathon in your career. “
“Truth is we have to recover everyday, the idea of a mental health day can be really powerful. But if you teach your team how to recover like champions every single day then they won’t actually need that.”
“Any habits that gives you massive reward and very little effort are dopamine wasters,”

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