GTM 34: "Community Is the New Google"


Kathleen Booth


Apr 18, 2023




GTM 34: "Community Is the New Google"

Kathleen Booth is the SVP of Marketing and member of experience at Pavilion, The modern union for go-to-market leaders. Prior to her time at Pavilion, she founded Quintain Marketing a full service marketing agency that she sold after over 10 years of operating.

Kathleen has held a multitude of Marketing Leadership roles at VC-backed B2B Tech companies. She continues to serve as an advisor to early-stage SaaS companies and B2B startups. 

Kathleen shares a ton of tactical advice on B2B leadership, including how to show up in your community, how to properly draw lines when founding a company, and her biggest learnigs from her exit after operating Quinatain Marketing for 11 years. 

What you'll learn

  • Best ways to overcome your Imposter Syndrome
  • How to leverage your community in order to elevate your career and drive pipeline
  • How to better understand your company's objectives
  • An in-depth explanation of Kathleen's entrepreneurial journey and the importance of drawing lines in the sand when starting out


(6:20) The mission behind Pavilion and how Kathleen first kicked off her role with the team

(8:09) Strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome 

(12:33) Tips & tricks for managing a board

(15:47) Why community is more important than ever

(21:17) Who should be showing up in your community to drive actual revenue and demand

(27:45) Incentivizing your team to show up in the community

(31:11) Kathleen’s experience building and selling her company

(40:50) Tactical advice to founders who haven’t yet found product market fit

(44:27) The importance of investing in your personal brand


“Developing the confidence to say: I don't know, but I’ll find out.”
“In the leadership world, it's important to be vulnerable in a way that expresses confidence.”
“The best advice I can give to founders today, is to always form a corporate prenup when starting out.”

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