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The GTM Podcast

Mark Stephenson

March 6, 2023
51 min

Episode Description

Mark Stephenson joins us in this week’s episode to talk about the modern revenue architecture. Mark has 30 years of solution sales leadership experience, with high growth series A through D companies. Currently he's an advisor at Evisort, former VP of Sales at Avi Networks, and has worked at large companies such as HP, Cisco, & Xerox..

We kick off this episode by unpacking the 5 leading and 4 lagging indicators of a strong go-to-market team that drive your business.


What you will learn:

  • The importance of getting cross functional alignment within your team
  • Leading metrics that every leader should be focused on
  • 5 layer framework on modern revenue



(8:03) 5 Layers on how to Go-to-market

(13:48) Problems to solve on the Go-to-market approach

(20:37) Where Mark’s gone right and wrong in defining ICP

(26:10) How to hire great talent

(32:18) Cross-functional alignment

(36:00) the leading and lagging metrics for successful alignment

(45:00) Mark’s take on the layoffs happening in todays market



“Everybody get granular on what the ideal customer profile is”
“You’re only as good as the talent you hire and develop”
“Great companies have great talent”
“In go-to-market alignment you gotta look for 2 things: efficiency and leverage”
“The number one thing to look for in ICP, is gross margin and revenue growth”
“In any economy, any growth market, you need to focus on your people development”


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