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The GTM Podcast

Holly Firestone

October 19, 2022
42 min

Episode Description

The Importance of Community with Holly Firestone

In this episode of the GTM Podcast, we have Holly Firestone. She is in charge of creating the vision, strategy, and roadmap for the Venafi Community, which includes the Venafi Warrior and Jetstack Communities, on a worldwide scale.

Holly discusses her inspiring career journey, working with both Salesforce and Atlassian, and how she was involved in the growth of Community in two of these companies. She discussed her experience building this Community from scratch and talks about the misconceptions of having multitudinous people in the Community, and the ideal time to invest in the Community.

What We Discuss: 

  • (4:05) Holly Firestone’s experience at Salesforce
  • (11:03) Growth of the User Group Program while working for Atlassian
  • (19:57) Why Community should not be a Marketing tool 
  • (22:45) Why Community is not growing to executive level
  • (31:39) When to start investing in community

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: 

Holly’s Community Centre of Excellence: Why Community Needs A Seat At The Table (And How To Get One)

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