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The GTM Podcast

Dini Mehta

December 6, 2022
42 min

Episode Description

If you are interested in sales, leadership, making bets in business, and managing the expectations of both teams and executives, this episode is for you.

There is no one better positioned than Dini Mehta to speak on these topics. Dini is the former CRO of Lattice, a people management software for growing companies.

She’s an operating partner at Operator Collective, bringing together 150+ of the world’s most successful tech operators from a variety of backgrounds as Limited Partners (LPs), each with current experience building, growing, and running the world’s most admired companies.

Additionally, Dini serves as a mentor, advisor, and angel investor.

She discusses her journey from hating sales to deciding on it as a lifelong career, how her leadership and collaborative skills have grown, and how she dealt with loss of control as a leader during the pandemic.


(3:57) Dini Mehta’s background

(6:28) Dini’s take on AI

(9:10) How did Dini decide to get into sales?

(15:24) How should founders plan for their incremental growth?

(18:49) Making bets on business

(21:47) Deciding on whether to make a bet or shelve it

(25:49) Dealing with change during the COVID Season

(32:50) How to deal with loss of control as a leader

(40:23) How to articulate the need to adjust expectations without seeming like you’re avoiding a challenge


‘What I tell folks that join my teams or people that are struggling with their career and feeling like they don't know how to get to their big goal of becoming a CRO or a CEO is start small, give yourself room to experiment and learn and then figure it out as you go because your ‘why’ will change’

‘If you don't see 12 months before that you need growth, you are going to dip in your numbers’

‘Every bet has to earn the right to take on more resources.’

‘When I first became an operator, I thought I didn’t need experience, you just need to be great at data. As long as you're great at analysis and pulling insights from data, you can make great decisions. Now I know that experience plays a huge part in the balancing act of pattern matching.’ 

 ‘If you are doing your annual plans and building your expectations off of last year's growth, you’re setting yourself and your team up for failure.’

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