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The GTM Podcast

Bob Elliott

January 16, 2023
38 min

Episode Description

Is the old marketing playbook still relevant? When is it best to start a campaign? How should revenue be distributed? How long should an experiment run before a decision is made? When should you ramp up a sales representative? 

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions, this week’s episode is for you. 

We are joined by Bob Elliott, the former managing director at SAP Canada, former SVP of sales at HootSuite, and former CRO of Built and Forder and limited partner in GTM funds. 

Bob shares insights from his own story of acquiring $53 million for one of his customer’s SAP, taking a chance on a sales representative, and some of his personal thoughts on work ethic and work-life balance.


(02:05) Bob’s backstory

(04:50) Shifting the end of year quarter to January

(7:44) Is the old marketing playbook breaking down?

(11:47) Balancing quick transitions and giving experiments time to get results 

(15:07) Knowing when to ramp up a sales representative

(20:35) Resolving the work-life balance equation 

(22:45) Engaging in conversations that bring you energy

(25:14) Bob’s story of growing SAP’s revenue to $53 Million

(30:45) Bob’s story on taking a chance on a sales rep at SAP

(35:29) Don’t let your imagination limit the size of your potential

(37:49) Bob’s biggest motivation at age 25

(40:21) What must one do to get noticed for a promotion?


If you're in revenue, there's not many more important questions than those two: How much? and When?
Once you put a number in the CRM, that's your new maximum deal size because it gets in your head.
It’s critically important to always be thinking big and not llet your imagination limit the size of a potential deal.
You don't get promoted for doing your job really well, that's what you get paid for. It will impact your performance review and your bonus, but that's your job. If you want to get promoted, do something above and beyond.
If you have to be self promoting what a great job you're doing, you're probably not doing that great of a job. If other people think you’re doing an amazing job, that's a really good song.

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